air equipment

ROVOM is a company offering innovative and customised solutions for the creation of guideways for butchers, slaughterhouses, descender machines and structures in galvanised steel, and air handling systems for ham factories, cured meat factories, slaughterhouses, machines, accessories and carrying structures.



equipment for cured meat factories

Rovom snc manufactures and installs guideways and air handling equipment products for the meat and cured meat industry. Along with its highly skilled technicians, the company boasts over 35 years of experience in the industry it operates in.


We continually refine and manufacture new products - ROVOM is able to meet any particular need or market demand; continuous study and experience put us in a position to always offer the best solution to every specific problem, with particular attention to plant layout.


The products offered are:

  • monorail guideways
  • open duo-rail guideways in stainless steel and aluminium
  • self-supporting closed duo-rail guideways in aluminium
  • air equipment, frames and suspended tray conveyors
  • machines and accessories for guideways
  • automated handling systems
  • carrying structures and metallic structure work

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